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Feb 1, 2002

I have two 300 watt Surround speakers that are about 2.4 cubic ft and weight in at 80lbs.

Now, should I get a speaker stand to bring them to ear level? Also... (Their 1ft high)

I was thinking of using 14 inch long sonutubing ( about 10inch in diameter) with a solid HDF base. Of course I'll proberly fill the sonutube with rocks I guess...

Would this be a good idea? At the moment it seems my big couch is blocking the surrounds. As well should I get small speaker feet. ( err. don't know the term for these sharp things that go into the carpet) For 80lbs is it really needed? The carpet is moderately thick.

All opinions welcome.

Rob Formica

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 20, 2003
I have a similar situation as my rear channels are 2ft3 and 70lbs... I think stands are a good idea... you will have to fill them with sand (or stone dust) to keep them balanced as your centre of gravity will move up. If you have carpet, I would recommend the "spikes" not only for their acoustical properties but they will also help stabilize your rears and prevent them from tipping over. They are relatively inexpensive.

There is quite a bit of opposing opinions for the correct height of the rear surrounds, but what I've seen most often is ear level or just a touch more if you plan on multichannel music (SACD or DVDA) and a couple of feet above ear level for HT. I use the multichannel audio type of setup and it works well for HT as well.

Allen Ross

Supporting Actor
Sep 30, 2002

i built a pair of those for my CSW Newton M80s, its only 4 inch PVC and i used MDF instead of hardwood (i am way to cheap) and i first cut the PVC to about 32 inches, i have no clue what i was smoking when i did that, there were prefect if you were standing up but not if you were sitting down oh well just the other night i loped off about a foot of PVC and now they are at the right height, i just need to put the sand in them and they will be all set. check the links in my sig for the simple simple constuction,

seeing that i have little rubber feet on mine and my M80s only tip the scales in at 28 lbs and they are slightly wabbly at 2 feet, the bigger sono tube is looking a little better, but i have seen people use 3 4" PVC tubing for the base in a triangle formation with a bigger base and that would support way more weight then you would ever be putting on it.

enjoy, good luck and let us know how they come out with pics and details :D

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