Surround speaker placement enigma.

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    I've read much of the available information on surround speaker placement, but everything deals with the ideal room where the TV and couch is parallel with the walls. However, my TV is in the corner of the room and my couches are too. Hence, no couch is directly facing the TV, as shown in the diagram. My question is should I place the surrounds in this case? I have a feeling that one of the surrounds would need to be placed above that window, but this means they would be about 4-6 ft above the listener, more than the recommended 2-3 ft. Is this Ok? Thanks.
    The circles represent where viewers will usually be sitting. I'm trying to accomodate those three locations as best as possible.
    One more question...should I still calibrate the system as though would could literally sit at the "sweet spot?"
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    Neil Joseph
    I think the best placement in that scenario is one surround speaker above each couch, mounted either from the ceiling or the wall, and aimed slightly downward. Corner placement is always a tougher setup to deal with.

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