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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MatthiasSmitty, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Hey all. I'd like to take the opportunity of this being my first post to introduce myself. My name is Matt, and I'm new here. I have been on a few forums in the past, and I really hate it when newbs just come in and start asking questions, but I'm going to do just that, for my HT situation is perhaps a little unique. Anyway, if anyone has any help to offer, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I currently have a nice 27" Sony VVega TV, a PS2, Xbox, and GameCube. I have the component video cables for the PS2, Xbox, and even the GameCube ones (that’s right, the ones you have to specially order from Nintendo’s site). I know I'm not getting a true progressive signal on this TV (it's unable to display true HDTV, so right now I am outputting at 420i, I think). Anyway, I also have a JVC JX-S111 Component Video switcher; it allows me to display all systems in as high a resolution as possible, plus I have two extra inputs for composite or S-video connections. It's pretty nice, especially considering most receivers (from what I understand) only have one or two Component inputs.

    Anyway, my query is this: I'm not running an extremely high-end system by any means, but I like to get the most out of the equipment I have. What I am looking to invest in is a receiver that could output a 5.1 signal, specifically, one that works well with the Xbox. I use it as my main DVD player (I know some HT enthusiasts are cringing at that idea, but I simply don't have the resources to buy nor the equipment to enjoy a high-end stand-alone DVD player), and I also am looking forward to hearing some of the great in-game 5.1 sound. I am looking for a receiver that is capable of outputting Dolby Pro Logic II as well, or whatever that "fake" surround sound technology is that is used in many PS2 and GameCube games.

    In short, what I am looking for is as follows: I am looking to spend between $200-$400 on a receiver with at least one (preferably three, but I have the switcher) component video inputs, capable of Dolby Digital 5.1 output (the source I have in mind is an Xbox), and is also capable of the cool Pro Logic II "fake" surround sound effects used on the GameCube and PS2. As you can see, I don't need a cutting-edge system. I don't need Monster Cables or anything like that, because frankly, the technology I am working with won't allow me to enjoy whatever enhancements those would bring to the table. I hear that your connection is only as strong as your weakest link, and with run-of-the-mill component video cables from Radio Shack (should I upgrade?) connecting my component receiver to my TV, and the standard Component AV packs going from the consoles to the switcher (i.e., not Monster brand cables), I don’t think that investing my money in something that high-end is wise at this time. At the same time, I want to invest in equipment that will last me as long as my TV does, so something that will be good and trustworthy for many years to come is also a must.

    Finally, if anyone has any suggestions as to how I should acquire my speakers (in a set, or piece by [carefully-selected] piece), or what brand of speakers/subs to buy, I am all ears (no pun intended).

    I look forward to reading any and all suggestions. Thanks!
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    Are you looking for something brand new or used? A forum member is selling a Sony receiver which does DD/DTS/DPLII on the Hardware For Sale board for $125. It doesn't have component inputs, but you already have a switcher.
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    I just picked up a Sherwood 5.1 DD / DTS reciver w/ 1 optical and 2 coaxial for 99$ (79+20ship) shipped from

    I was very surpised in how great it sounds for games and movies.. for the price point it's a steal..

    here's the link:

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