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    okay, here is a stupid question but please bear with me. i set up my ht system and everything is working great. i have my rca outs from my hi-fi vcr run to my reciever. i also have regular coax cable run from the out on my vcr to the in on the tv. then i have the output from the tv run back into the reciever. this is what i noticed and it might be normal. when watching videos most videos you can hear in surround sound( with the receiver set to video), however i noticed with childrens videos they only come through on the center speaker. there is little or no sound in any other speakers. if i switch the reciever to tv, i get sound out of all 5 speakers but it sounds noisy and poor quality. anybody have any thoughts. thanks
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    Feb 26, 2001
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    Any source material (i.e. a VHS tape) must be encoded to give surround sound effects. Most normal movies probably have the Dolby Labs logo indicating that it's encoded for surround sound. Your children's videos are probably mono sound only. With your receiver set to video, try turning off your Dolby Surround and put it into a regular stereo or mono mode instead. You will probably get mono sound out of all your speakers.

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