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    Sep 14, 2002
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    I have noticed a huge difference in prices of surge protectors with some offering "clean power". Do these high end protectors really make a difference or is this more audio jewelry? I just have a cheap A.R. 7 plug protector, would it be worth getting a better one?
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    Joe - There are really several types of power products.
    1) Surge Protectors - just protects your equipment from surges
    2) PLC - Power Line conditioners - In addition to surge protectors, PLC products introduce added FILTERS that help clean up AC Current. Other electronic devices in your home, especially if they are on the same circuit as your HT gear, will have adverse affects on the AC current going into your components (ever turn on a PC and see your tv get fuzzy? - same thing)
    DIGITAL SOURCES, such as PCs, DVD players, etc, are the main culprits in "ac noise". Because these digital sources are often on the same AC outlet as your analog componets (TV and amplifier), PLC products with ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS take it to the next level by isolating your components from each other.

    Results of good PLCs may vary according to the quality of the components you have. Of course, if your equipment is already poor or of lower grade parts, there may be enough "noise" within your electronics to overshadow almost an "dirty" ac current coming in already.

    The NEXT LEVEL in PLCS would offer BALANCED AC power. Instead of 120v going into the positive and 0 into the negative wire of your ac outlet, a PLC with balanace AC will split the voltage evenly accross the negative and positive, creating a perfectly regulated 120volts to your component(s) at all times. I have found the audible and visable benefits of BALANCED AC to be the most profound in almost any situation. However, balanced AC PLCs cost considerably more.

    IMHO, I believe that Monster PLCs offer the most band for the buck. Their manufacturuing power allows them to offer PLCs with some of these "bells and whistles" at prices well below their competitors. (Isolation transforms are usually found in PLCs costing $700+, while Monster offers it in their $599 products). However, for most systems, a sub $200 PLC with surge protection should suffice, but I would beware of AC CURRENT LIMITING PLCS, which will limit the optimal current needed for high current Amps


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