Superman-Theatrical Serials Collection

Discussion in 'DVD' started by John Sparks, Nov 27, 2006.

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    John Sparks
    When the serial "Superman" first came out on VHS, it included the complete beginnings for each chapter.

    Everyone was thrilled when it finally made it to LD, but alas, only the first chapter was complete. The 2-15 chapters were missing the opening credits.

    Well, this new one is complete. The only thing wrong with it is it's made from the same source as the LD. Scratches are in the same places throughout the DVD.

    I was playing the LD on a Pioneer DVL-770 and the DVD on a Panny RP-82 on a Mit 65" RPTV. I compared them both and if my LD was playing on an large analog screen, I really think they would have looked the same.

    What's not good for the DVD is that the double vertical lines that are next to all images that are straight and tall are really pronounced on the DVD.

    I was really hoping that Warners would have done a little work on this, but I guess we should be lucky that we even got it. Anyway, we that bought the original LD Box Set paid close to $75 or more, so should we be happy that we got both serials at half the price???
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    I've never had the opportunity to see them (other than brief clips), so I can't wait to pick this up today. [​IMG]

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