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Jan 30, 2003
Whn you say fly, do you mean actually fly like Superman.
It's pretty hard to tell really. It's a very close up shot, and obviously panned and scanned, you really don't see much more than the eyes, and a reflection of some kind of travel within them Oddly enough though, in the footage when the council sends the guard to apprehend Jor-El, which is in the Director's cut of the film, he simply vanishes into thin air (as does Jor-El's data at the end of the Council meeting), so I guess all that teleporting that Superman, Zod and co. do in the fortress at the end of SII wasn't really that much of a cheat after all. Actually, the KCOP version of the destruction of Krypton as a whole is pretty interesting. There's more dramatic music played over it, more shots of destruction and people perishing which makes it a bit more horrific than either the Theatrical or Director's cuts of the film. There is some other good material as well, but most of the good stuff made it into the Director's Cut. There a a couple of interesting things that still did not make it though, such as some additional dialogue between Clark and Lana, extra stuff in Luthor's Lair (including the aformentioned "Babies" scene, which does appear on the DVD/Blu-Ray as deleted scenes), Superman actually getting in front of the Missile he's trying to stop, only to have the missile fly around him. Most of the other footage is really just filler to existing scenes for example, more shots of Clark in the North Pole approaching the fortress site. Some of that stuff really did drag on.


Aug 4, 2014
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I had the opportunity to compare the R1 DVD and the Blu-ray from Superman IV (click to enlarge):

As you can see from both shots, someone messed with the colors and not even the hair escaped from having the same overblown tone. Not limited to this movie, they all have the same problem.

Frankly, I am surprised that someone can look at this release and don't warn others of this scam. Reviewers these days have no idea that fidelity means more than a sharp picture?

I haven't done many BD/DVD/LD comparisons, and I am aware someone posted on Youtube the same thing (search for "Superman IV Blu-Ray VS DVD : Side by Side Comparison : 1080p"), yet when we see closely, in our computers, checking the original sources instead of whatever something else posted, what Warner did becomes a lot more evident.

P.S. Another shot, this time from the LD: http://www.zippcast.com/video/579dc41624d4413af3b

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