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Superman on the BIG SCREEN!!! (1 Viewer)

Jeffrey Forner

Jun 19, 1999
This last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to meet up with a couple members of Home Theater Forum and Home Theater Talk for a special screening of Superman: The Movie here in the Twin Cities area.
When I first heard about the screening last month, I was very excited. I always loved Superman when I was a little kid and the recent DVD release of the director's cut allowed me to rediscover the film and all the magic it possesses. Superman was first released about five months before I was born, so I never got to see it on the big screen until just the other day. It was very cool because it's not every day that you can see a movie you already own at a theater!
Overall, I'd say the actual presentation of the film itself was pretty good, despite the fact that the theater was a little old and run down. The most thrilling part was seeing it on a screen several hundred times bigger than I the one I have now. It also has made the wait for my new Toshiba TV all the more painful as I know I will not be able to stand seeing this movie again on such a small screen. We were also fortunate enough to get a relatively clean print of the film. I was a tad bit worried that it would be old and all worn to hell. Fortunately, it was not.
The sound was pretty lacking though. The theater did crank the sound, but since there wasn't any bass, the sound got a little harsh at times. Also, even though they said the theater was (supposedly) equipped with DTS, I don't believe that the surrounds were discrete. Oh well, as I said before, seeing it on the big screen was where the real thrill lied for me.
And in case you're wondering, we did see the director's cut that appears on the DVD.
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Neil S. Bulk

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Sep 13, 1999
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Neil S. Bulk
Yep, it will be at the Cinemark 16 in Somerdale, NJ next month! From everything that I've heard, it will be the new cut. We hope to play this in our largest theater, which features a 40 foot curved screen and great Dolby Digital sound.
The dates will be September 14, 15 and 16. Friday and Saturday at midnight and Saturday and Sunday at 10 am.
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Dec 3, 2000
Those are the absolute worst times possible! Midnight?! Why couldn't it be at least 10 PM. 10 AM Sunday is doable, but I'll have to get in Saturday night and grab a hotel.
What is the theater's address?

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