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Super Mario Brothers DVDs (Which one is which?) (1 Viewer)

Vic S

Oct 30, 2004
Okay, I remember there being 3 different mario shows:
Super Mario Brothers Super Show
Super Mario Brothers 3
Super Mario World
I'd like to know for which mario shows there are dvd sets and how many volumes have been made. I did some searching and got confused. I first found this dvd set:

Super Mario Bros - Mario Mania!
Which I think might be the first volume of Super Mario Brothers Super Show. I also found this dvd:

Super Mario Brothers:King Koopa
Which I think might be the first volume of Super Mario World. I also found another dvd, but I can't find it anymore.

So, is what I guess correct? Where is the first dvd volume of Super Mario Brothers 3? Can I expect upcoming volumes for all three of these mario shows until all the episodes are on dvd, or are they all released already? Thanks.

BTW, it really sucks that I can't post urls until I have 15 posts:angry:


Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 2003
The "King Koopa Katastrophe" DVD is a compilation of random episodes taken from 'The Adventures Of Super Mario 3'.

They are not full episodes however, as a complete episode would normally run approx. 20-22 minutes long and were made up of two shorter 11 minute cartoons. The "episodes" presented on this disc are in actuality, only one-half of the full television episode, being either the first or second cartoon which would have normally aired.

The cartoons presented are as follows and with the episode numbers listed below, refer to the last 2 digits as these cartoons were actually takes from the first 1-8 episodes of the series, obviously mis-matched and out of production order (plus some episodes such as #103 & #105 missing altogether):

EP. 101 - Reptiles in the Rose Garden
EP. 102 - Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas
EP. 104 - The Beauty Of Kootie
EP. 108 - Toddler Terrors Of Time Travel
EP. 107 - Reign Storm
EP. 106 - Never Koop A Koopa

There is also, for some unknown reason, a "bonus" episode of 'Sonic Underground' featured as an extra on this DVD.

Now, "Mario Mania" on the other hand, is by far the better of the two discs. It was released more recently and with a totally different agenda.

These episodes are actually taken from the original and imo, much better 'The Super Mario Bros. Super Show' and I believe the episodes presented on this disc are offered in chronological order making them the first 4 episodes of the series.

I do not own this DVD, and I'll explain why in a minute, but from what I understand, the good news is that all of the cartoons on this disc are presented in chronological production order making them the first 4 episodes of the series.

I cannot comment on whether this disc contains actual "full episodes" though (two 11 minute cartoons per EP.) as opposed to the context offered on the earlier "King Koopa" release which really only presented half-episodes from the show, but from what I've seen simply of the episode titles listed - I am unfortunately pretty confident that the full episodes are not featured here either. I'm no expert on the series however so I could be mistaken.

In any event, what we have on this disc are the first 4 "half-episodes" (I believe) and as with all broadcasts of the original series, each episode is offered with a bonus "Legend Of Zelda" cartoon. The episodes are:

101 - The Bird! The Bird
102 - King Mario Of Cramalot
103 - Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid
104 - Mario’s Magic Carpet

+ Bonus "Legend Of Zelda" EP: 'The Ringer'.

Now, the reason I have held of on purchasing this DVD so far, is because the company who is producing these discs [DIC] has announced that their intentions for the series (if it proves prosperous) would be to eventually release the entire first and only season of "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" on single disc releases as offered above in a 4-episode context along with bonus "Legend Of Zelda" episodes as they originally aired until the series is complete. BUT, they have also stated that they would like and plan to also issue the series in box-sets when and ONLY when all of the individual discs have been released.

The plus to this however, is that they've stated that for those who chose to purchase the individual DVD's as they are released, DIC plans to offer the final installment for the show along with the box-set so that all previous DVD's can be placed inside essentially creating the definitive season sets that they plan on releasing after they're through with the individual titles. So instead of having to sell off your current DVD's to buy the box, it can be purchased with the final volume so you'll already have it.

Now, what I don't like about all of this, is that DIC is unfortunately not a very efficient company when it comes to releasing it's products.

They have consistently gone the budget route, which is somewhat understandable given the viability of their liensed work and considering that their titles are obviously only marketable to a very specific consumer target, yet they don't seem to meet the demands of said demographic with their productions.

The video quality on their releases are always extremely lackluster and very little clean-up and restoration have gone into these shows. I understand that they are 20 years old and were probably not preserved with the highest of regards and intent to likely ever see the light of day again so I very much doubt that the masters are in pristine condition, but I am sure that more effort could be devoted to quality.

To be honest, in the end I'm just thankful to have these titles available so where I'd normally boycott other studios for the quality shown on these releases, I'm almost thankful just to have these available if that makes any sense...

What I do not like at all though, is that DIC has not been very consistent with their release patterns. It's been about 4 or 5 months since this last DVD was released and we have not heard any word on when the next installment is coming - if ever?! These are not Walt Disney Treasures here, they're budget releases containing 4 episodes of questionable quality which cannot possibly take much effort or cost to produce. Why the wait??

Furthermore, the marketing that goes into these releases are simply non-existant! DIC gets distribution through a company called UAV I believe which essentially means you'll find them in a select few Wal-Mart bargain bins in the U.S. and that's it!

Distribution is an absolute joke and I've seen the most obscure and unrecognized of titles get better placement than these discs. For some reason DIC's current-focused product i.e. "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" cartoons and other such crap could be easily found in the family/kids section of just about every retailer accross North America but good luck locating these discs anywhere other than the internet!

For this reason I am skeptical of ever seeing these final installments with box-set in retail which is another reason why I'm waiting to see where DIC takes all of this. I guess that's basically it...

I'm waiting to see what DIC is cooking up next in terms of their Super Mario and Inspector Gadget franchise (who was also supposed to be given the same treatment as far as individual releases / box sets) so until I can see a more discernable plan put to action, I have held off on any purchases because I'd ultimately love to just be able to purchase one set without any complications or delays.

Btw, I forgot to mention that there was also another DVD released by another company (Trimark) called "Super Mario Bros: Mario's Greatest Movie Moments - Monster Madness" which is a now OOP compilation of "monster-themed" episodes from the original "Super Mario Bros. Super Show".

This one I believe had 8 complete episodes and featured 2 bonus episodes from "The Legend Of Zelda" cartoon. I own this DVD but wouldn't reccommend attempting to purchase it as it used to fetch insanely high prices (OOP Criterion high!) on Ebay and with DIC's proposed release pattern, it would pretty much make this release obsolete once put into action.

PS: All of the episodes presented on the DIC discs (from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show) feature the associated live action bridging segments with Lou Albano as originally aired. They also feature a bonus interview with some guy named Andy Heyward (producer?).

Hope that helped clear things up a little.


David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Marco, to be clear about DIC and the "Mario Mania" DVD:

DIC and home video distributor UAV are putting "a week of broadcasts" at a time onto each DVD for both Super Mario Bros. Super Show and also for Inspector Gadget.

What they told me is that each episode from each week will be taken as-is, minus the commercials, and put onto a DVD for release. With every five DVD releases (not seasons), they would like to release a box set collection. Box sets are not for-sure though: only if sales warrant it.

The first week of SMBSS, as originally aired, was Mon: Mario/Tue: Mario/Wed: Mario/Thu: Mario/Fri: Zelda.

Zelda is NOT a bonus. It is part-and-parcel of the series. SMBSS always aired an episode of Zelda on Fridays instead of a Mario cartoon.

As for why Sonic Underground is represented as a bonus on another Mario disc, it's called cross-promotion from the same manufacturer! :) A DVD of Sonic Underground also has a Mario bonus episode on it.

Andy Heyward is the Chairman/CEO of DIC, and is the man behind the creation of Inspector Gadget. He is listed as Executive Producer on all of the Mario shows (as well as Gadget and many others).


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Sep 2, 2003
Ah, thanks for clarifying!

That actually makes a lot of sense than and I should probably pick up the current "Mario Mania" to cast my support for the box-set treatment!

It's been quite some time since we've heard from DIC in regards to these releases though... We saw lots of promising issues earlier this year but there's been no updates nor follow-ups since.

It's not as though they're is flooding the market with product, I wonder what's up?

(I also hope they get cracking on Captain N and Dennis The Menace as well as a follow-up on their C.O.P.S. release too!)

Tarkin The Ewok

Supporting Actor
Apr 15, 2004
Real Name
I do not understand why they are thinking of releasing these series just a little at a time. They would make more money and satisfy more consumers if they released an entire season at once and actually marketed it. If it had a price point similar to the Rocky and Bullwinkle sets, I am guessing quite a few people would buy it.

Jesse Blough

Second Unit
Sep 25, 2002
Indeed. I know many people would be interested in this if they saw a complete series set of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show complete with the live action Capn Lou shorts. They would go "Oh snap!" and buy it. I know I would.

Vic S

Oct 30, 2004
Meh, I have a feeling that we won't see the full box set so I'm just going to buy all 3 dvds for now.

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