Super Bowl/Winter Olympics sales?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by weefus, Jan 22, 2010.

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    I'm new to this forum. Looking to possibly pick up a new LCD set, and I have read some conjecture on this website and others that advises waiting until February when there are going to be sales. Has anyone heard anything definitive?



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    Ronald Epstein

    I think its safe to assume that there are great
    sales on large screen displays centered around
    the Superbowl.

    Yes, I would wait a few more weeks.
  3. Mark M. Smith

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    From what I've heard the sales are more a matter of perception than one of reality. Yes, plenty of stores have "sales", but really the greater issue is that the stores tend to sell more TVs during this time... not that they have better prices. The best prices are likely going to be during or close to April when the new models start coming out.

    The 42" G10 I just ordered was technically listed as being discounted for an online Super Bowl sale, but in reality the price wasn't any better than what I've been able to find locally since the new year. Yes, it was a savings over other online merchants, but the price itself was only $50 less than anywhere else. The main issues were not paying tax (as when I found the same base price locally) and finding a coupon code that gave me an extra $50 off.

    For reference 6th Avenue Electronics seems to have started their sale a bit early by promising that if you order by the 26th you'll have your TV in time for the Super Bowl, but I'm not sure if they have a solid deal on the set you've had your eye on. Based on my own experiences the prices weren't really much of a discount over the price they've been offering for weeks. Still, I'd say that the kinds of minor discounts they're offering are probably pretty indicative of the sorts of sales you'll be seeing.

    Another tip: don't just rely on price finding engines. I found better sale prices that hadn't yet propagated out to them by going to individual merchant sites. They're still a good indication of who is likely to have the best price, but take a moment to double-check a handful of the lowest prices and see if they don't have an even better deal. Same deal with checking around for coupons. As I said, I was able to save an extra $50 just by spending a minute or two finding a coupon.

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