Super Bits, New Cinepro...Oh my...

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    Loved my super bit dvd's coming through my denon 5800's seven amps, but yesterday when the new cinepro amp (375x6)arrived and i played the same dvd'! it is true, you can never have too much clean power and headroom. there is so much going on audio-wise in the Fifth Element and Air Force one that was missing before, that it's almost a revelation. When the helicopter brings the VP to the White House lawn and the two White House assistants run to meet the chopper, their dialogue is usually blurred by the sound of the helicopter, unless you really artifically boost the center channel. but when you've got 1000 watts dedicated to the center channel alone, the dialogue actually can be heard at the zero setting (and yes, they are discussing the merits of African vs European Sparrows & coconut weight ratios). Played SPR at the normal Denon setting of -19db's, and I think I damaged my hearing. Gotta' drop in Independance Day and see if I can become totally deaf. Johnny M, I can't believe I paid money for this! Hope to view and hear all of TPM tonight.
    Equipment List:
    -Denon 5800 (pre-pro with two amps used for ctr back spkrs)
    -Cinepro 3k6SE I (375x6) driving five main spkrs.
    -Sony S7700 DVD Player
    -Pioneer 606 DD/DTS LD
    -Klipsch RF7 speakers
    -Klipsch RC7 speaker
    -Klipsch RS7 surrounds
    -Klipsch RF3 pair for center back speakers
    -SVS 16/46c subs & amp
    -Proscan 60-inch rptv
    -Monster Z-2 speaker cables
    -Monster M-series sub cables
    -Monster Z-series interconnects
    -Monster M-series interconnects
    -Directv (with nfl package!)
    -RCA AC/3 satellite receiver.
    life is good...
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    Jun 20, 2001
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    I hate you. Ive wanted a Cinepro amp for years. [​IMG]
    Curse this childhood.
    Lucky bastard. [​IMG]
    Yes, these are bruises from fighting. Yes, I am comfortable with that. I am enlightened.

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