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    I picked air Force One this weekend (super bit). It cost a couple of bucks more but I wanted to see if it was good. WOW!! It sounded great and the picture was very good. best buy did not have a lot of titles in super bit but I hope to see more in the future. They did have the fifth element in super bit I plan to get that one next it's one of my favorites.

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    Superbit DVDs do look and sound nice. There are a good number of people out there that either dont have the display or audio equipment necessary to take advantage of all Superbit has to offer, but I'd have to say The Fifth Element is in the top 1% of all DVD in terms of A/V quality.

    My only complaint about the Superbits, is that Columbuia is releasing them on discs that looked good to begin with. I wish they would take the time to Superbit-ize the movies that really need it. They have Superbit versions of films like Vertical Limit and The Patriot, and in my opinion, the original transfers/soundtracks were quite good to begin with.

    Some Columbia movies I would like to see Superbit versions of are:

    Last Action Hero
    Arlington Road
    Stand By Me (I realize this one doesnt have that active of a soundtrack, but the existing version is Dolby 2.0 only, and with all the music in this movie and outdoor ambient effects, I think a DTS 5.1 remix track could sound really nice if done well).

    Theres others, but I just think Columbia is not marketing this line as well as they could.
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    Wolf is another top candidate.

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