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Gary Miller

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Jul 6, 2002
I placed an order on the SunriseEarthDVD.com site today and it was not a good experience.

I'm not infallible, but my order receipt did not reflect what I thought I ordered (added to my order was Planet Earth in standard definition...I already own this set in HD. I can't imagine I would have been careless enough to add this to my order. The rest of the order, according to the receipt, was also mixed up in other respects).

I do know this: The web site lacks a order summary page (for the purpose of reviewing an order), or "submit"/"authorize" icon. (The process presumptuously confirms your order after you submit CC details and then accept or decline additional offers). I contacted customer service and had a mutually polite conversation with a representative this morning, but have yet to receive my promised call back.

Has anyone else experienced ordering adventures with the Discovery store?


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Sep 5, 2000
I've ordered lots through discovery.com without any problem, but I can't vouch for sunriseearthdvd.com.


Dec 22, 2008
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Wayne Y. Adams
I also had a bad experience ordering the Sunrise Earth DVD set. I opted to buy the full season Blu Ray set, and declined each of the succeeding offers. I reached the final offer and declined it and was immediately directed to a page that stated my order had been processed, with no chance to check and confirm the order. Well, the reason was obvious, they had added the Seaside DVD collection to my order.

However, I use virtual credit cards with spending limits for all internet and phone orders, so their little scheme failed when the credit card company denied the higher charge.

I e-mailed them with my complaint and received a vague, non-committal response stating that they had no record of my order and that I could call customer service to check on it. There was no response to my concerns about the lack of opportunity to check and confirm orders before they are processed, nor about the spurious addition of items to the order. That tells me that is standard operating procedure for them, i.e., standard business practice.

I would advise everyone reading this post to stay away from the www.sunriseearthdvd.com website. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE, THEY WILL CHEAT YOU!

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