Sunfire TG3 vs Anthem AVM20

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  1. Rich Wenzel

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    I am pretty sure that sometime next year I will be moving from my Carver C-1000A to separates.

    My Carver C-1000 has been having some problems with the LS channel. I have checked every possible variable I could think of and I am convinced it is the receiver. I have to send it to Sunfire for service, and I am thinking of getting a Rotel or NAD as a temporary holdover until I get it back. Then next year, I will keep one of the two receivers for a second room and then will sell the other. I could be convinced to sell my Carver now if anyone is interested. I can send it in for servicing and have Sunfire ship it to you.

    Anyway, early next year I will be looking at a pre/pro in the 2500-4000 range and these two look like the best entrants. (I will have to take a look at the NAIM when it comes out).

    I haven't had a chance to hear the TGIII, but I did get to see/hear the Anthem in action and I was rather impressed. The Anthem (curiously) was not hooked up to Anthem amps but Rotel 1095 using the balanced cables. I thought the combination was rather impressive.

    When I asked the hi-end store where I bought my speakers how come they discontinued carrying the Sunfire line they said that Sunfire's products tend to color the music. So far, in dealing with these guys, I have never heard them say anything that was outrageous or try and sell me on anything that could be considered unrealistic (no recommendations for $500 cables, no comments that a power conditioner will make my system sound 20% better, things like that).

    So based on futures and music accuracy, which pre/pro would you guys recommend? I have heard from a friend that said that heard the sunfire with the front side effects engaged and he said it did add some depth the soundstage. 9.1 sounds kind of cool, but my room won't support it anyway, and I will be in 5.1 for a while anyway.

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    Mar 10, 2002
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    I recently auditioned both of these units and was impressed by both. I was really leaning toward the TGIII but the cost of getting 2 amps (5&2 channel) was out of sight! I like the Anthem AVM20 (with 2.0 chipset) and the PVA7 amp. I'm trying to scrounge up the coin to make the jump from receiver to seperates. The TGIII combo output is 1300watts per channel into 4ohms, that's about 1000 more than I need. The Anthem combo is around 250 into 4ohms which is closer to what I am looking for.

    Before you make your final choice do everything possible to get both into your home so you can listen to each with your speakers.

    Good luck with your upgrade!

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