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    Oh man, this got posted in its own thread. [​IMG]
    Meant to put it in the thread on TV on DVD suggestions. can't delete it now either. nuts.

    those ones you watched are among my favorites, though ive gone from love to loathing with smallville and lost hehe. recommends:

    La Femme Nikita (somewhat $$, though I feel like it is more Alias than 24, Alias was such a knockoff. it does not have a budget comparable to 24 either, so its quite different in terms of pacing and mood, a very 'stylized' version of counter-terrorism)

    Sopranos (brilliant tv, $$$$ though)

    X-Files, you'll love it for sure

    Millennium, would recommend this over say, American Gothic and Harsh realm from about the same period

    Nip/Tuck (thrilling, sensational (often over-the-top) drama, its awesome

    Twin Peaks (a muuuust-see, but best to wait, the pilot which you need and the second season are hopefully coming this year)

    Rome, whenever that comes out to DVD, my favorite of the HBO lot besides sopranos

    for comedy, seinfeld and roseanne, for animation, Family Guy and Gargoyles
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    I posted this about 2 months ago, but I still want to see the Showtime sitcom WEEDS starring the beautiful and talented Mary Louise-Parker. Since I don't subscribe to Showtime, I've never seen the show, but it sounds interesting: Surburban housewives secretly selling pot.

    The second season of Weeds is now either in production or already airing on Showtime. Are there plans to put the first year out on disc yet? And while we're at it, how about Season 3 of Showtime's "Penn and Teller's Bullshit!" ?

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