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Dave F

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May 15, 1999
I have an itch to buy some accessories for my computer, so I'm thinking about picking up a scanner. However, I don't know much (read: anything) about scanners, so I do not know what to look for or avoid. I would appreciate any suggestions.

The main function will probably be for scanning art for making custom DVD cases, and also scanning DVD covers for my DVD database. I don't think that either of these functions really necessitates an expensive scanner, but am I wrong? I'd like to stay under $150, with $100 being a good target.

The only thing that I know that I definitely want is either firewire or USB 2.0 connectivity. USB 1 is too dang slow, and since I don't have anything else that is firewire, a firewire connection would keep a free spot open on my USB hub.

Any suggestions on models or tips on what to look for (and avoid!) would be appreciated.




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Jun 7, 2003
I use my scanner pretty much exclusively for making CD covers. You'll find most covers don't have all that high a resolution. If you scan them at much higher than about 300 dpi they'll be of no use to you.
I swear by a cover printing program I learned of in a forum like this one. With a 3 ish meg scan, printed on photo paper on my 3 year old HP 300 dpi inkjet you'd be hardpressed to distinguish the output from the original.

Anyway, resolution capabilities keep rising as new models supplant last year's models. That can't be avoided even though you won't need it.
I suggest you determine which scanning program out there is the one of choice, and look for a scanner that comes bundled with it. Even though I have Photoshop, I always use the basic program that came with my scanner.
Like inkjets, scanners these days are pretty much "disposable". If it dies, you just get a new one.
OTOH, I'd want to know what brand of scanner is less likely to die an early death on me. Mine is 4 years old, a co-worker's Brand X scanner ran a mere week beyond it's one year warranty. Sure they're inexpensive, but I have any number of things I'd rather blow my money on.

John Watson

Jul 14, 2002
If you enter "scanners" in the search button field on this page, you'll find links to earlier discussions with lots of pointers. Try NORMAL search, seems to list much more than FAST.

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