Suggestions for eventual hi-def Wizard of Oz

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by ScottR, Apr 15, 2006.

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    The current dvd of The Wizard of Oz is spectacular, but a few minor additions/changes could help to make the hi-def release definitive:

    1. Further work on the Kansas scenes. There are still fine scratches evident, especially during the opening credits.

    2. The 1998 WB release featured stencil printing during the trasition from sepia tone to Technicolor. While there is some debate as to whether or not the technique was used, the effect on the original WB release was more pleasing to the eye.

    3. An unaltered mono track (the current release features three minor changes, the most notable of which is the deletion of a partial line.)

    4. Minor cleanup to the Technicolor portion of the film. I noticed a few blemishes (red lines) that may have been there from the beginning.

    5. Of course, no noticeable layer change.

    6. Extras could include a virtual tour of the Land of Oz, complete Denslow illustrations from the book, more production stills, NBC and CBS bumpers (I am trying to remember the commercial bumpers from the early 1980's. I seem to remember a pulsating rainbow over a white background and "Over the Rainbow" music playing.) and a history of the various Oz film productions.

    The current release is one of the best dvds ever, and I heartily recommend it. I'm just hoping my favorite film can be further tweaked to create the definitive Oz experience in high-defintion.
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    It would be a title to prompt my entry into HD.
  3. Jay Mitchosky

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    Moving to HD S/W.
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    Andy Budgell
    I agree with your suggestions, Scott. Especially those directed towards the television broadcasts. There's a gold mine of treasures that could potentially be tracked down. I wonder if the Dick van Dyke intros still exist from I believe the 1960's? Also back I believe 1996, there were many celebs who added little bumpers to the film for the 40th anniversary of the first TV broadcast. Those would be nice to see too.


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