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Suggestions for a Progressive DVD player for my Mits 55413 CRT (1 Viewer)

Shane Martin

Senior HTF Member
Sep 26, 1999
Currently I have a Mits 55413 CRT Set. This is last years set with a DVI/HDCP input(that is not being used right now).

I'm also currently using my old Sony 530D Interlaced player. This has been a solid player. Moreso than a few of the Sub $200 players I've tried from other manufacturers so far. Given this poor luck I'm willing to spend more(upwards to $600) if need be to get a quality player that will take me until Blu Ray and them figure stuff out for certainty.

What I'd like to have is the following:

1.)Sacd support - Not a deal breaker if I have to give that up
If I get SACD, decent bm would be a plus(might be asking for too much here)
2.) A memory feature to remember wher I stopped the disc.
Decent build quality. I know alot of players are cheapy now but a solidly built 5-6 lb player is fine. Upwards of that and I'm more happy :)
3.) Someway to zoom/scale 4x3 discs if I use 1080I mode. I'm not sure if I have aspect ratio control on my 1080I input. I know I can on my 480P one.

Do I need to use the DVI or does it make any difference on my CRT HD Set? My current set doesn't upscale. It won't accept 720P though.

What I really don't need/want:
1.)Region free support. I only buy region 1 discs anyway
2.)Multi disc support. No need for a 5/6 disc player. 1 is fine
3.) an offbrand dvd player. No Yamakawas or anything of the sort.

Players I've ruled out:
Pioneer 578
ALL Toshibas
Samsung players

Players I've considered:
Panasonic S97
New Upscaling HDMI Player from Sony 975V?
Denon 2900(used)
Denon 1710/1910

I haven't thought about the older players like the Rp82/xp30 or the Rp91 yet.

Any ideas/thoughts?

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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Out of all of those players mentioned, I would get the 2900 without question. Doesn't have zoom, but it's going to give you 480P so you are OK. I think the consensus is that DVI and HDMI are not as beneficial with a CRT display.

My 560D is still seeing duty in my daughter's room :)

Steve Schaffer

Senior HTF Member
Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
If your set will display native 480p (pretty sure current Mits went to the 540/1080i but yours should still do 480p), you don't need to use the DVI input and would probably get better pq feeding 480p via component. This would allow you to use the 480p connection on your set and thus would definitely not eliminate your set's aspect ratio controls.

I'd actually recommend you include the Sony DVP-NC875V to your list. It supports SACD, has pillarboxing for 4/3 discs, and is solidly built. It has 12 bit 108mhz video dac, memorizes where you left off on the last 40 discs played. It is a 5 disc changer, which actually does come in handy for multidisc sets. I resisted changers for years until I got a JVC a few years ago and now wouldn't be without one. In any case I'm sure Sony makes a single disc version of this player. There are a number of cool features on this player, such as custom video settings so you can calibrate it separately from your other sources if necessary and a quick 15 second replay button for those times when you don't quite catch the dialog.

I have it connected via component to my crt based set which is capable of native 480p and the pq is very nice--good detail and color rendition with a smooth film-like image.

I've owned a Panny CP-72 with Faroudja chip and also have one of the upconverting via component Zenith DVB-318s also with Faroudja. The Sony does just as well de-interlacing as either of these 2 players as far as I can see.

This is my first Sony since the 550D I bought back in '99 or so (still going strong for my last ex!) and it seems to be at least as well made as that tank.

I got mine for $149 at Sears of all places, and consider it very good value for the money. The single disc version is probably even cheaper.

Edit: found the single disc version, note it's a lot cheaper than the 975:


Shane Martin

Senior HTF Member
Sep 26, 1999
Unfortunately I don't want a changer. I've lived with one a short time and returned it. I don't use it at all.

If I can't convinced the so to spend more than $300 on a player then I'll have to decide between the Sony 975 and the Panasonic S97. If I can spend more, it appears the 2900 despite a few flaws, is a great player and one I would love to own.

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