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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Bob McElfresh, Dec 6, 2001.

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    Since you now have a "Sticky Thread" that always appears at the top of a fourm, I would like to propose we create a thread that tries to answer the most common hardware questions people have when they get their new HT receiver or DVD player. This is to help solve all the " me setup my new equipment" questions that will come after Dec 25.
    The Thread/FAQ should try to be quick answers without a lot of detail (as new users are often frightened of lots of text). I would propose the following items as frequently-asked:
    What size speaker wire?
    Optical or Digital Connection?
    How do I attach speaker wires to the funny connectors on the back of my receiver
    What are Banana plugs and do they help/hurt the sound?
    Why do I want to run video through my receiver?
    What is the best type of video connection?
    Why is the center volume too loud/soft
    My receiver volume is -38? Is this ok?
    How do I hook up my sub?
    Where is the best place to put my sub?
    What is a good setup/test DVD
    Rear Speakers: dipole/bipole/regular?
    And the biggie:
    How do I hook it all up
    I think most of the answers to these questions are non-controversial. I would be happy to make a first-pass at it if you would like.
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    If someone wants to write something up and post it I will be glad to make it a sticky thread or I could just create a hyperlink to another FAQ page with this information on it.


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