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Second Unit
Nov 29, 2002
To prepare for my AV1+ experience (with all the praise I've read and heard I have to call it an experience), I'd like to know which cd's you listen to, to test your speakers: full range tests, highs, mids, lows, the works.

Right now I use, the eagles dvd, norah jones, john mayer, moulin rouge, a paul van dyk cd, sting's dts cds, dave matthews, enya. I like the sounds of a guitar a lot, female vocals, deep, pounding bass, and synthesizer stuff...

I guess with this thread, I'd like to find out about other artists/albums that I haven't heard of and may want to consider.

Please list the strengths and weakness of the albums/tracks and why you enjoy listening to them.


While I enjoy norah jones, I do think it is an "ok" recording. moulin rouge is one of my favorite movies and CD's, but it is a mix: some good recordings and some poor ones. Not reference quality. I have Dave Mathews Crash, and that is a very good recording

besides my Audition mix CD (many different recordings..mainly Jazz with most of the reference vocal and instrumental pieces),here are the ones that I do like for references

1) DMB-Crash--Good all around CD
2) Blue Man Group--good recording, but not the best. Particularly good for imaging and bass.
3) LOTF:TTT--I am very fond of the songs that have the norwegian fiddle.
4) American Beauty: Original Score--some songs have a highish floor level, but the imaging and instrument recording purity is very good!
5) Black Hawk Down: Soundtrack--newish purchase. Very happy with the quality of the recording. Not mainstream, but some very cool stuff quality and imaging wise.
6) Vivaldi:The four seasons--...need to find out what recording I have, but the violin is very nice in it!
7) Danny Elfman: Music for a Darkened Theater (Sommersby Sountrack pieces)--not a well known movie, but I think this recording is really cool. There is a strange "folk" break in track 6 (*Finale/End Titles ) which is really nice for imaging!

these are my opinions though :)

Rob Formica

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 20, 2003
In general, my test disks will be quite a bit "heavier" but one of my favourites comes to mind, as it matches most of your description...

Massive Attack - Mezzanine - It's one of the better engineered CDs around featuring female vocals, deep well articulated pounding bass, great percussion, and synthesizer stuff...

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