Suggerstions for in-wall center channel installation?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by kschusterman, Jul 28, 2011.

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    All, I'm a newbie so please be gentle. We are building a new home and I'm going to install a 7.1 surround system in the family room. We've decided to install a 65" plasma Panasonic VT series above the keep the height as low as possible, we're not doing a raised hearth. I'm shooting to have the bottom of the TV 5' off the floor. Anyway, I'm trying to find any creative ways to install the center channel. One obvious way is to install an inwall center channel below the TV and above the mantel. Any other thoughts? Kurt:D
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    That is perfect placement if you are 6' tall and watch TV standing up. Please search the word fireplace and see how many times we recommend NOT to do this. I hope it changes your mind but if it doesn't, we will still help.
    How close to the mantel? Because it will probably block any sound coming from the speaker that is headed directly for you. How about a true center channel sitting on the mantel? If you are certain on in-walls, then is probably the best bargain on the market. Buy 3 so that your left, right and center are all timbre matched. As your budget goes up, other options are available.

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