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Succession - HBO still showing the rest how it's done (1 Viewer)

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Jan 17, 2020
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This show has been a constant display of brilliant drama, fascinating characters and absolutely fantastic acting right from the get go.

From what I can tell, a very refreshing story that focuses on a billionaire dysfunctional family that owns and runs a global corporation involving ambition, incompetence, greed, political skulduggery and malice along with a very intelligent observation on many aspects of American modern society including the mass media, the corporate business world, US politics and all from a viewpoint of a very privileged and extremely wealthy family.

But boy they sure have their problems and flaws. Drug addiction, sexual dysfunction and totally far from reality as anyone could be.

Brian Cox as perhaps a sociopath CEO pulling the strings and trying to keep his family and company functioning in harmony is magnificent and is perfectly cast as the central figure that the show revolves around. Not seen him flex his muscles like this since Hannibal Lecter.

But the supporting cast which gets just as much screen time as the main character are all also perfect in their roles. This really is a perfect ensemble TV drama. No matter which sub plot is shown with the many characters throughout the show, it is completely engrossing and each 1 hour episode seems to just fly by. Perfect TV entertainment.

Watching the Roy family dynasty and their inner circle operate through the business world where you get to see their life of complete luxury never gets tired.

Each episode seems to magically reveal a new subtlety on how the "other half live". The chauffeured journeys, the helicopter rides to recreational activities, the dining on the luxury yachts.

Another nice touch is the almost infinite choice of gourmet nibbles that always seem to be available in every single room they seem to be in whether in their home environment or in their business meetings or on their private jet etc. There's also a nice joke on this motif in a particular episode by Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin).

And speaking of Kieran Culkin, he is magnificent in this. Having seen him in a few movies and always enjoyed his performances he seems to have been born to play Roman Roy. His performance is so subtle in a lot of cases he sometimes just chews scenes for fun without breaking a sweat.

This really is an intelligent, original TV show that has impressed me right from the beginning.

Highly recommended to anyone who has not yet had the privilege of watching it.

It whacks all the streaming company knock-offs out the park.

For me, HBO are still yet to be taken off their throne in the TV world when it comes to original, intelligent and well produced content.

This show proves they are not going to get replaced any time soon.

Succession deserves to be seen by more people.

Don't miss this one, folks. The journey is worth it.

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