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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by devryguy27, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Hi all , I have a question I need some help answering. I have a high end Onkyo Reciever tx-nr806 7.1 thx... awesome high end reciever... I have all Klipsch f3 as front f2 as sides and bose as back surrounds and klipsh f3 center model. I recently added a Kenwood external thx amp 6 channel to power my front, side, and rear speakers. SO my concern and question i'm getting at is My Onkyo Reciever is really only powering my center channel speaker and my 2 Klipsch 12" powered subwoofers I used a Y splitter off the back of the receiver to power. My Question is I found a great deal on another of these Kenwood KM-X1 thx 6 channel external amps (and beleive me this is a Awesome external thx amp for the price these days even though a little older model) my question is if I buy another one, I know its easy to connect the center channel sense the center takes normal gauge wire, but is there any way I can run my 2 subwoofers off a external amp using binding posts... keep in mind my receiver has only 1 SUB PRE-OUT and i have them split right now. I just recently Purchased a 3RD SUBWOOFER. I would like to have all three hooked up to my system but have NO IDEA what direction or ideas how i can do this. Right now i have 2 subs with one Y=Splitter but it seems the one sub hit harder than the other even though there are identical and set to the same specs and frequency. any ideas the external amp has bannana plugs for speaker wires can u simply plug a RCA SUBWOOFER cable into there and expect it to work or not. please HELP!!!!
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    You will have to open up the sub cabinets and disconnect the driver from the plate amp of the sub. You will have to drill some holes and install binding posts to connect to the driver and the new amp.
    So, yes it is possible. Do I recommend it? No. You will be using an amp with no subsonic filter on a ported sub. You are just asking for trouble. The first bass passage with LFE information below 20hz will bottom out the driver and destroy it. Plus you don't know if the Klipsch amp had any EQ built into it to account for response irregularities.
    What do you mean they are " set to the same specs and frequency"? Does it mean their levels and crossover points are set the same? First, the levels controls aren't accurate. Second, you shouldn't be using the sub's crossover control at all. It should be set to the highest level to effectively remove it from the mix. I could go deeper into location, proper calibration and in-room frequency response but that is best covered in the sub section.
    Throwing more subs at a problem will only make the problem louder.
    It's not smart to post your e-mail address on a forum. Search bots have probably grabbed it by now and you are already seeing an increase in spam.

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