Subwoofer_Quality vs. price?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mr645, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Something interesting I recently discovered.

    First, the amp in my subwoofer failed, due to the age and the company that built it no longer around, parts or replacement amp was not available. Contacted the designer, now working for another company who was helpful, but also suggested that aftermarket amps may not perform well since the amp used was custom made with a custom frequency slope designed for that Sub. This sub had a retail of $999 and I bought it as a floor model for $599 in the late 90's

    Fast forward 6 months, cleaning out a closet in my office I come across a subwoofer that was used years ago in a showroom. The showroom has a basic receiver, 2 6" coax car stereo speakers mounted in the wall and used this $150 subwoofer. At some point the subwoofer was disconnected and put in the closet. As I pick it up I see that at some point it got wet and the particle board, glued together enclosure has warped and come apart.

    I get the idea to take the amp from the $150 sub and try it in my sub at home.

    I take apart the $999 sub and guess what? Similar construction, wood, thin veneer and glue. If I did not know anything about either item, I would say the two were similar in quality, not knowing one had a retail of $999 and one $150.

    Well, the amp from the $150 sub is certainly stronger, I would say at least 3dB, probably more. The old sub, new amp fills in the low end nicely, although I have not had a chance to use the Pioneer tuning mic to retune the system, it does not work when it's raining outside, too much noise, but I am pretty sure this new hybrid sub/amp will actually work better then with the original amp.
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    Price is not a judge of quality, especially when it comes to speakers.

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