Subwoofer with digital input and remote?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Robert Ma, Jan 8, 2006.

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    I want a better listening system for my mp3’s on my computer. Looking around I found the Logitech Z-5500 and Klipsch Pro Media 5.1 systems that have a feature I need. Basically the system controllers take in a digital input and there is even a remote control on the Z-5500 system.

    Here’s the thing. I have a pair of old Epicure model 5 bookshelfs (over 15 years old!) that I’m in love with for music. They have a rich and full sound that just kills all the current satellite speaker systems out there. I currently have these fed off my Creative Inspire 5.1 computer sub (LOL) for a very respectable sound but this is just temporary.

    In a perfect world I would buy a sub or a satellite system that has these options:

    •Adjustable Cross-over to the bookshelf’s or at least no higher than 80hz. I bet most are at 120. I may consider 100hz but I think 80 would be the sweet spot with my speakers.
    •Digital input
    •Be somewhat compact (no receivers, etc)
    •Remote Control for volume (last on the specs)

    I know this is a pipe dream but the Logitech Z-5500 comes close. I wonder what it’s cross is set at. I bet 120 which is a deal breaker. Are there any home theater subs that might fit the specs?

    If I can’t find something, I have a spare pre-amp in the closet (Marantz AV-550) that I could use and pick up an amp and sub but this doesn’t satisfy the compact area. I don’t want my computer work area cluttered with audio gear. I plan on hanging a pair of shelves up for the speakers.

    Another alternative I am thinking about is seeing how the Denon S-101 sounds. It’s pricey and by the looks of the speakers I highly doubt it would satisfy my ears with music. This system will be my main music listening area, CD's, MP3's, etc.

    All opinions welcomed.
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    What do you mean by digital input? There are no subs with a digital input, AFAIK. Few subs come with remotes. It's a nice feature, but also usually an added cost, which is why it is much less common.
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