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subwoofer wiring on a TJ wrangler

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Shane Morales, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Shane Morales

    Shane Morales Second Unit

    Jul 9, 2003
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    The TJs have this dinky little subwoofer in the center console. Mine died (my wrangler is a trail rig which sees much abuse) so I'm going to replace it and the dinky little amp that powers it. There seems to be, however, way more wires coming over to this thing than I need and I'm not sure which ones I should use.

    Here's how the stock sub/amp is wired. There are 11 wires coming from the dash area to the sub assembly. They all go to the little amp thingie. From there, there are two sets of speaker wires to the stock sub. The 11 wires in the harness are:

    1. Right front speaker +
    2. Right front speaker -
    3. Left front speaker +
    4. Left front speaker -
    5. Radio 12V Output
    6. Fused ingition switch output
    7. right rear speaker +
    8. right rear speaker -
    9. left rear speaker +
    10. left rear speaker -
    11. Ground

    I'll be using a PYRAMID PB440X 2 channel amp. What I need to know is which wires to run to the new amp. Does it matter which of the speaker wires I use? The sub I have is just a single coil.

    Neither the front or rear speakers (the regular ones) are fed from any of these wires. They have their own harnesses.

  2. EvanW

    EvanW Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 22, 2005
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    i dunno what ur exactly doin here.... but for ur amplifier, that thing draws almost no current so run some 12 ga wire from ur battery (dual conductor), put a small inline fuse maybe 5A above what the fuse is on ur amp 12 inches from the battery on the power wire in line like + fuse + just run the ground wire direct from the battery, take the ignition output and run all three of these to ur amp, power to power ground to ground and ignition to remote, then from ur amp run a 2 conductor line to ur "dinky sub". also i hope that pyramid has hi level inputs or u have a aftermarket head with pre outs. if it has high level inputs just splice a pair of the speaker leads on that harness, and pull ur signal directly off the headunit as seen in the owners manual. so the headunit speaker outputs need to go to both the amp's high level inputs and to ur speakers. i dunno how hard that was to understand but i guess ill find out

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