subwoofer sheilding

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  1. Rob Michaw

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    Is there any way to sheild a RPTV from a sub? I have a Toshiba 42H81 and a Paradigm PW-2200. I want to have my sub directly behind my TV for that is where it sounds best. I don't have enough room to pull the TV out any further from where it is, and I don't have any room to push the sub back. They are within inches of each other.

    When I put the sub behind the TV, my convergence has lots of drifting from the magnetic pull of the sub. If I move the sub a few feet away, the drifting stops.

    Is there any way to sheild the sub or tv? (either way I want the same result)

  2. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    Shielding will be tough. You could always try a lead shield which I have seen for sale in a couple of car audio places but I don't know if that will provide 100% protection.

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