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    I am currently in the market for a new subwoofer. I watch about 70/30 movies/music in a 12x15x8 room (for the time being) a budget of approx $500 US, Paradigm Monitor 7 and CC-370. w/Sony Da4es.

    I have been eyeing the HSU VTF-2, SVS 20-39/25-39, Adire Rava. Other than that I am pretty unaware of anything else that could beat or compete these subs. I also have heard that DIY subs can be very cost effective. I am pretty tool illiterate and don't really have axcess to any except for maybe the local hardware store could cut some wood or something so I don't know if this is still possible for me...or is it? It does sound kind of fun and rewarding. Any links to info on DIY would also be appreciated. Any pictures of completed DIY subs that costed around $500 would also be appreciated.How hard is it really, and what are the advantages of DIY. I appreciate any opinions on any of these options.
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    DIY Pros and Cons:


    1)Cost of tools

    2)Time it takes to build it.

    3)Obsession with measuring drivers in various alignments.

    4)Depending on how much performance you want and the alignment you chose (ported?), size may become a factor.


    1) If size isn't a factor, the level of bass you can acheive is unbelievable.

    2) If money isn't a factor, the cabinet size won't have to be so big after all because you can build a Tumult or Stryke based sub and put it into a itty bitty cabinet but you will have to push it with a multi kilo watt power amp in order to reach the SPL's that you obviously want.

    3) You can choose your finish to match your homes decor which works to maximize the Wife Acceptancy Factor (WAF).

    4) You meet a lot of fellow DIY'ers and get to hear their old war stories about the sub design that got away.

    5) You take your Metallica and Paul Simon posters off of the wall and replace them with a rare picture of Dan Wiggins (Adire Audio), John Janowitz (Stryke), Tom Vodhanel (SVS)and Kyle Richardson (Acoustic -Visions) at the California Bass trials talking and sipping Bud Lites while listening to Jack Gilvey perform the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar before the bass trial begins.

    ****** There is always a middle ground here.

    If you would like to have a customized sub instead of settling on what other companies have to offer, I say you call Kyle (A-C) or John (Stryke). Both have excellent products and will build you a cabinet to your specifications without any let down on the performance side.

    To have more of your questions answered, head on over to the DIY section of this forum. It's pretty active and before you know it, everyone will know your name. Sort of like on Cheers but only less beer.
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    If you don't like the DIY way I don't think you will go wrong with any of your selections you listed. I own the 25-31pci and decided on that due to size. I didn't want anything taller than my current speakers. The HSU seemed nice but for the price I thought the SVS would be better in the long run. Just my thought.

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