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    Nov 25, 2002
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    Hello all. I have been hanging out here for about a month now reading so much that it's hard to remember everything I have read. I sure do like this site!
    I have a Onkyo HT-650 system, Sony DVP-NC655P DVD, Dish Network and a Toshiba 36A61 36 inch direct view TV. My room is 11'3" by 33' by 8' including the dining room. The front of the TV is 6' 3" from one of the short walls placed in the center. There is a planter that is 43" long by 36" high on the left side of the TV. The sub is placed in front of the planter with about 6" of breathing room. I sit 13' from the TV and the rear speakers are 3' behind me. I bought a Sony SA-WM40 sub (no polyfil yet), that I can return within 30 days. The HT-650 rocks with the stock Onkyo sub. If I take the Onkyo sub out and hook up the SA-WM40 it kicks Butt! The system will hit 100 DB easy where I sit. I calibrated the speakers with the source in the receiver to 70 DB and the sub to 80 DB with a Radio Shack SPL meter. It seems that you just set the sub for the best impact and not worry about how many DB hot it is???
    Now to the questions.
    1), Would I be better off with a Audio Source 15 Subwoofer (return the SA-WM40) or just go out and buy another SA-WM40 when I can afford it and run 2 of them for better bass? I don't need it to play louder, I just want to feel it more. (The level control is only up about 2/3rds of the way.) Bass and Treble are set to 0 on the receiver.
    2), Crossover frequency. Onkyo told me to run it at 120 Hz. It seems to sound better at 100 Hz as it doesn't make you as aware of the sub when set there. Does this sound right?

    I can not afford to buy a $500 or $600 sub, yet!
    Guess you can tell the HT bug has bitten this poor boy BAD! I just do not have the money to do better right now.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

  2. Chris James

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    May 13, 2002
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    Hi Bill! I can't really help you, just wanted to say I'm glad you are digging the Onkyo system. I bought one in August, and it's great! I've since upgraded the sub to an SVS 16-46PCi. It made the entire system that much better.

    Incedentally, I have a Toshiba 36" also. But I am using a Sony DVP-NS700P DVD player. Our set-ups are rather similar.
  3. steve nn

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    Hi Bill,
    Have you tried any other loading options for your sub? Is there a corner that might work? Another Sony would give you more, +6db together in a corner- but would it be money well spent? From your Thread it sounds like you could use more SPL. You might want to try running both subs- the Onkyo and the Sony in the same location and then parting them all while you are putting the meter and your ear to them and see if this is a option. I did this at first with a WM-40 and the sub my Kenwood 504 came with and it worked out quit well. It might hold you over until you can get a good sub like Chris suggests? When I went with one then two Quality 15" subs it literally blew me away. I had no idea what I was missing. It all costs money though, I here you. The Audio being a 15" driver would most likely move more air but I here it can be very slow and sluggish? This can be the case with the Sony to though, I know from being a past owner. Others have thought the Audio to be great "for the money" with the poly-fill. I bet it is. In your situation if the option of running the two you have now and waiting for more $ to spend is not a option I would have a hard time deciding too without ever have experiencing the Audio 15". Another option would be going with a better used sub that would cost less. I just saw a used VTF-2 the other day on the forum for like $300+ and PCI's come up to for close to the same with the warranty. That is imo would be the way to go for you would not have to wait as long and would come out with a good sub that would give you what you are looking for. You would have no problem selling the Sony when you decided the time was right.

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