Subwoofer pop fixed on my Denon 4800

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  1. Ronald Aguilar

    Dec 31, 1998
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    I just wanted to let everyone know that I now have the "popping" sound from the subwoofer fixed. The problem was that every time that I changed channels on my DirectTivo, used the FF/RW/Pause on DirecTivo, DVD player and VCR, or turn the volume all the way down, I would get a popping sound from my subwoofer. I had an energy subwoofer and thought it was that at first, but when I got my SVS 20-39, the problem still was happening. I called Denon and they told me that it was a subwoofer mute circuit on the receiver. I then had to pull out the receipt and find a authorized service center. I got the receiver in 1 day before the warranty was up!
    Once I located the service center, I called them up and told them the problem. They told me it was a ground problem and nothing to do with the receiver. I then explained to them that I spoke to Denon about this and they knew what the problem was, subwoofer mute circuit on the receiver. I had to tell 2 people their the same thing. So I go and take it to them and had to explain the problem all over again. Once again they told me it wasn't the receiver but a ground problem. I again told them that Denon had said that it was the subwoofer mute circuit on the receiver. I then explained to them that I put my receiver from the bed room in the living room (Denon 1600) and it didn't have any feedback in the subwoofer at all. Well long story short, I got it back Friday and it is working like a charm. My wife and I sure did miss the 4800. The Pronto didn't work the same and I didn't want to reprogram it. Now I am waiting for a new amp (Sampson) for the SVS 20-39, I can't wait. [​IMG]
    Ron A.
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    i guess they confused hum with pop? good job!

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