Subwoofer placement

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    After I get my sub back(see other post) I am confused as to where to put it. Whe I first set it up I had it in a corner. The walls were both concrete so it sounded fine. Then I had to move it because my componenet stand looked to weird where it was placed. I moved my sub to the other corner but now one wall is concrete and the other wall is not. It's just a wall that separates the rooms. It seems like the base rattles the wall and gets lost in the wall, it does not reflect. I dont know, maybe I am crazy but can someone tell me if I am right or wrong or where shold I place it. Its in the basement by the way.
    Thanks in advance
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    If the sub rattles thw drywall then I don't suppose there is too much you can do about that without moving the sub away from there and back to the other corner again. Have you calibrated the sub and the rest of your speakers?

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