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    I have heard that putting subwoofer behind fronts is a good idea, as it balances out sound. Is this true? I have a powered subwoofer. Bottom firing. Should Phase be at 0 or 180? Should base, treble be in middle on receiver? or base off etc?
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    gee smeone over fifty.the corner is the best so they say it sure works for me you get most out of the sub being there.bass and treble middle.phase I dont have that but I would say what ever setting sounds louder.I got 2 46 plus in a corner,wow.
    good luck
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    Subwoofer placement CAN be a little tricky.

    On the receiver, leave bass on, and the base/treble knobs in the center (no effect).

    Subs are generally placed up front with the system, usually in a corner to get the lowest possible reflection from the 2 walls.

    Try this: Move the sub in place of your primary listening position. (Yes, push the chair/couch back.) Disable the other speakers and fire up a bass-heavy track/chapter. While listening, move around the corner/wall behind your equipment. The sound should change as you move every few feet. Mark the places on the carpet with masking tape where the sound is smooth and not boomy/distorted.

    When you are done, find the spot that seems to be the best mix of space/distance/spousal acceptance and put the sub here.

    Re-adjust the levels with a SPL meter.

    Phase: Basically this can be used to MIX the bass from your speakers, another sub, etc., with this sub.

    Fire up a bass-heavy track/chapter. Put it into a A-B repeat loop and have all speakers working.

    With you sitting in the primary listening position, have a friend/wife move the Phase knob about 25%. Then another 25%, then another until you are at 180. You should take note which position the bass sounds short/tight. (extra-long sound is because the waves from different speakers are hitting you at different times, the "Phase" knob is making small adjustments to the waves from that speaker).

    Hope this helps.

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