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    I am new to the forum and have enjoyed reading some of the vast info you have cataloged. I bought some equipment after reading some of the opinions and I am having a problem with the subwoofer. I purchased the following:
    Kenwood VR-6070 receiver
    JBL NSP1II sorround speakers
    Sony SA-WM40 subwoofer
    I already had a Hitachi HD big screen TV and a Toshiba DVD player with progressive scan.
    I followed the instruction manual for connections and setup without too much confusion, but I am still uncertain about the sub. I have the DVD connected to the TV directly with component cables, and it is connected to the HT receiver with an optical cable. The TV is connected to the HT receiver with RCA cables. I tried to connect the sub with speaker wire... but, there is a terminal for one pair of wires from the receiver but two pairs of wires on the sub(marked left and right, each with pos and neg). I tried just connecting to either the right or left with no luck. I set the receiver for "6ch AMP SW" which sounded right. I would like to use the speaker wire method if possible because the wire is already in place(the ceiling has a flat roof over it and I cannot access it). If using a cable is far superior I guess I can just hide it in wire molding. What am I doing wrong??
    Also, why does the tuner only play through the 2 front speakers?
    Thanks in advance!
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    If you're going to use the speaker wire method, I'm pretty sure that the sub MUST be inline with the speakers (correct me if I'm wrong). In this method, the sub will extract the low frequency data straight from the sound going to the speakers. I would suggest using an RCA connection between your receiver's "sub out" pre-out and the RCA input on the sub, instead of the speaker wire method.
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    Yes. The sub has an amplifier and a crossover (for dividing up the frequency spectrum between the sub and other speakers), and the receiver also has a a crossover and an amplifier which could be used for the sub. So you have alternatives, depending on which crossover and which amplifier you use. The sub's amplifier will always be used, however, so there is no point to using the receiver's amplifier, too. It would just be wasted.

    The typical way to connect up is to connect the receiver's subwoofer preamplifier RCA output to the sub's line level input. Then you'll be using the receiver's 80Hz crossover and the sub's amplifier. Turn the crossover adjustment on the sub all the way up (since you're not using this crossover).

    Set the receiver's 6ch amp setting to "off" until you have a pair of back surround speakers, then you can connect them in series to the speaker wire terminals for the back surround speaker and change the 6ch amp setting to "SB".

    Alternatively, you can use the sub's crossover and connect the sub to the receiver's speaker terminals for the two front speakers. Then connect the front speakers to the speaker outputs of the sub. You set the receiver's subwoofer setting to "off", so it will send bass to the front speakers (but this signal actually goes first to the sub). Then adjust the sub's crossover setting as appropriate.

    In any case, since you have a powered sub, there is no need to use the receiver's 6th channel amp for the subwoofer. It can be reserved for one, or preferably two, surround back speaker(s).

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