Subwoofer for a small car.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Jay H, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Howdy folks, thought I'd ask this rather than in the MR2 forum that I belong to just to avoid the kiddies. Its a bit of a younger crowd so I'm thinking my desire is not exactly the same as theres.

    I'm not interested in boomy bass, destroying the ear drums of my neighbors but want a decent bass in my MKIII MR2 Spyder that I own. About a year ago, I replaced the amp with a JL Audio 300/4 and some XR 650CSis I bought slightly used. Love the sound for only 2 speakers (Component speakers). It's a small car. I haven't replaced the head unit yet, but thinking of getting a small sub and drive that with the 2 spare channels on my 300/4 bridged to put out 150Ws. I am using the other 2 channels at 75W to drive each speaker.

    I am considering the JL Audio 8" 8W3v2 since it seems to be designed for small volume cars and can handle the 150Watts.

    As of yet, I don't see any premfgered sub boxs though and I may just wind up making my own. Any recommendations on what to use... MDF I guess is that standard item. I'm reading about some folks mixing their own fiberglass, etc.

    But wondering, if you folks think my selection is a good one. I am not so techy with the audio but I know JL stuff is good and I got a decent price on the amp and speakers. I rewired the whole car and mounted the Amp behind my driver seat in the cubby hole in my Spyder and will mount the sub box behind the passenger seat in the cubby hole after I make the subbox.

    Any recs on making a subbox, what kind of subbox to make.

    Sealed versus Ported. I'm kind of wondering about ported boxes as I'm no audio engineer, how would I know how to design the port, how large to make it and where to put it. A sealed enclosure would be simpler to build without worrying about the physics...

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    The JLW8 is a pretty nice speaker....and I'm not fond of JL subwoofers. What your intending to do sounds perfectgly fine. You can use MDF...but if you know of someonw who is handy with fiberglass...that may be the way too go.

    Another sub that I can recomend would be an Image Dynamics ID8. Very SQ *sound quality* oriented sub that will take up no space and handle the power you have to give it.

    Good luck in your quest.

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