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    Hi, My subwoofer is located about 20' from my processor. So I need to run an interconnect from the processor to the sub. My subwoofer has two RCA inputs and my processor has one subwoofer RCA output.
    Would it benefit me to install a Y adaptor on the one sub output, run two 20' interconnects from the processor into the two subwooofer inputs????????????? Or would this be of no benefit or actually hurt sub performance?
    Also can anybody recommend a good subwoofer interconnect for the long 20' cable run?????????????
    Thanks for your input...............
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    There are subwoofer cables that are that length that are a single rca at one end and split to 2 rca's at the other end. If you cannot find this then use a single long interconnect and then split it with a short y cable. Feed the 2 rca ends into the sub. A third option is to use a single rca cable (with no splitter but the volume on the sub is cut by half, or a loss of -6dB).
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    Geo: check the subwoofer documentation. Many of them have dual RCA inputs that are simply summed together inside (because the sub is a mono speaker). So you would just be splitting a cable a few feet ahead of it being summed - kind of pointless.
    Generally you only need to run a single RCA cable to the sub. Then you level-adjust with a SPL meter.
    You can try a custom house like or look for "Canare" on ebay for someone who will sell you a long cable by the foot.
    But for a sub, the cable quality is not nearly as important as it is for higher-frequency feeds. Many people get away with buying ordinary RG6 CATV coax and putting F connectors and then F-to-RCA adaptors on then ends. You can get a 25' sub cable for about $12 at Radio Shack.
    While this will work, the RG6 coax is ugly and stiff so I would recommend it for a starting setup, but later when you determine the final sub placement, order a nicer-looking cable just for the looks.
    NOTE: one caution: make sure the RCA plug gives a snug fit onto the jacks. You will get less-than-steller performance with a loose-fitting connection. (The store-bought/custom cables all tend to have a tight plug - thats one thing you DO get with a better cable).
    Good Luck.

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