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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Colin Jacobson, Oct 28, 2004.

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    I use my home system almost exclusively for movie-watching. I use a Kenwood 1050SW sub that can get a bit rough with some DVDs that pump out heavy bass. It's a 150-watt sub, and I don't play it all that loudly - it's not like I really crank the system and push it.

    So what causes the clipping and roughness? My receiver's a Sony ES model I got back in 1999 - it's rated at 80 watts/channel. Do I have a receiver problem or a sub problem? I wouldn't mind getting a new one of either - I just want something that pumps out smooth bass without distortion and/or clipping!
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    First off, the roughness has nothing to do with the receiver. There are two possibilities. Either the amplifier in the subwoofer is being driven beyond it's capabilities, or the woofer is being overdriven. I'd say both are equally likely, and the solution to both is the same - turn the volume down (either master volume or just the subwoofer volume). With mild distortion as you describe, there's probably little danger you will damage the subwoofer, but if you ever start to hear popping sounds, that's when it's seriously too loud and should be turned down immediately.

    Aaron Gilbert

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