Subwoofer "chuffing"

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    Hey all, I'm posting this for a friend:

    I have an Atlantic Technology Speaker System that I bought in November of 1997. I January of 2001, I started experiencing a problem with the powered sub-woofer. Below is the problem, symptoms and remedies I have tried.


    The powered sub-woofer lets out an intermittent "chuff". This occurs anywhere from 2 minutes apart to 10 minutes apart. Sometimes it is very loud, other times it is faint. The sub's volume control doesn't affect the volume of the chuffing.


    This happens while the sub is connected to the surround-sound system, whether listening to CD's, or using the pro-logic while watching a tape through the VCR. Don't have DVD yet.

    It also happens while not connected to the stereo system, but just plugged into an outlet with the sub powered on.

    It also happens at a friends house not connected to any stereo, just powered on.


    Have tried a different power cord - problem still exists.

    Have tried using a "Cheater" between the cord and outlet problem still exists.

    Tried it on different circuits, problem still exists.

    The dealer/stereo store cannot recreate problem in their store. Therefore they can't fix what they can't find.

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    My subwoofer makes this chuffing sound every so often when my cell phone is turned on and near the sub, it's caused by the electro-magnetic radiation of the cell phone.
    Maybe there is some kind of electro-magnetic interference in the home? Try a using a higher grade interconnect.
    If you really want to see if its an interference problem, wrap your subwoofer and interconnect cable in tin foil and see if it goes away... [​IMG]
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    It is also probable that there is a cold solder joint on the pc board of the powered sub. Some subwoofers do exhibit strange noises while actually operating (reproducing sound),however, by what you are describing it sounds that there is an internal problem. I would try an authorized repair facility, as opposed to the dealer.Good luck.

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