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    Dec 27, 2002
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    Trying to keep it in the 700.00 range, I am looking for a decent sub with tight bass for music and movies. Auditioned the B&W 600 and 650 and to be honest the 600 with the 10 inch woofer sounded punchier then the 650 with the 12 inch. I also listened to the Definitive 15 inch but it kind of sounded muddy with music. I heard HSU is the way to go, but I need some help here. Thanks in advance...
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    Sep 22, 2002
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    Alternatives you didn't mention in your post: for $775 plus shipping (probably around $35 to your doorstep).
    Or, if you can scratch up a bit more cash.... for $825 plus a similar shipping charge.
    The HSU VTF-3 is their best sub and goes for $850. It compares very well with the less expensive SVS PCi series, but would be outclassed (in terms of output, THD, FR, flexibility and usable features) by the SVS PC+ series.
    Here is a recent independent review of the VTF-3 and the $550 25-31PCi:
    Good luck in your sub search!

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