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    I bought a cable from ProLink because it was very cheap and I'm not thinking about higher quality cables at the moment. On the packaging, it is called a Digital Audio Cable but there's no orange colouring or a listing of 75ohms. But what else could it be right? On the packaging, it also says it's ideal for subwoofers and after asking the sales guy, he said that subwoofer and digital coax cables are the same. So now I'm wondering if I should buy a subwoofer cable by AR. Are they really the same? It seems suspect sort of.

    By the way, should I get some connectors like banana plugs over bare wire?

    Thanks for the help.
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    i'm not sure if you need a "dedicated" subwoofer cable. i believe some of the guys here even recommend picking up some coax and adding the coax -> rca connectors. i'm not even sure if it needs to be 75-ohm terminated or not. hopefully someone will chime in for sure. at any rate, AR cable is pretty good quality and relatively inexpensive, so if you can afford it, go that route.
    also, do a search here on subwoofer cable - you're definitely going to find lots of info.
    as far as banana plugs go, i like them. they keep everything clean and if you do a lot of switching around, they'll pay for themselves in no time.
    some feel they degrade the signal quality, but i've never noticed. read this thread too:
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    Well it's like this:

    Your video coax and coaxial-digital cables should all be made with 75 ohm coax. And none of them actually say this on the package or the outer jacket.

    Audio cables can be made with 50/75/110/300 ohm coax (or any other). There is NOT a convention for audio cables, or subwoofer cables.

    So you CAN use nearly any good cable for your subwoofer, but you really want a cable intended for video for your video signals, and then either a video or "digital" cable for your coaxial-digital connection.

    So your salesman was partially correct.

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