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    I tend to watch all my DVDs with subtitles on (guess I don't want to miss any dialogue at all, slight hearing problem from too much metal heh). I've noticed a trend recently where overlapped dialogue is placed on separate sides of the screen and often within the center of the frame for one of the actors. On my 64" TV these tend to be overbearing. I realize the manufactuers have to cater to the 27"/J6P market so they can read them but I've been wondering why they don't give an option to change the font size on subtitles? I've love to reduce mine by 75%. Hell even an opacity setting would be great.
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    Unfortunately, you can't adjust the size or position of an overlay. They are bitmapped created at a specific size and position.

    BTW - the size used for the subtitle is likely based upon established broadcast title size rules. I agree that this results in huge subtitles when watching on a big screen, but the majority don't watch in dedicated rooms and you have to make one large enough to be read on a standard screen.


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