Subtitle Shift/Zoom functions on Oppo (or other players)

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Bryan Tuck, Feb 16, 2013.

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    I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere; couldn't find anything in a search. I've been thinking about getting the Oppo BDP-103 for a variety of reasons, but mainly for the subtitle shift function. I don't have a CIH display, but I do have some old, non-anamorphic letterboxed DVDs of foreign-language films for which the subtitles dip down below the letterbox bar. I currently have an LG BD550 that includes a zoom function. It zooms the picture while keeping the subtitles in the same place, but for 4:3 material, it will only zoom within the 4:3 area, keeping it pillarboxed. Would the subtitle shift and zoom function on the Oppo allow me to view these properly on an HDTV? Are there any other players that would allow me to do this? Thanks for any help anyone can give!
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    I do not have that player, but I have the Oppo BDP-93. I have used the subtitle shift for non-anamorphic DVDs that I have zoomed on my television. A good example is the Star Wars non-anamorphic original trilogy. If I zoom the image, the subtitles are lost in the Greedo scene, the Jabba scenes, etc. Subtitle shift allows me to move them to where they are visible when I zoom in my picture. I would think the feature works the same way on the BDP-103.

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