Subs need feet?

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    Mar 23, 2001
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    I'm building a variation on the Stryke dual HE15.6, which will be a 6 foot tall triangular tower rather than the box design, same volume.
    Question is:;
    Bottom is to be a 0.5" thick aluminum plate, under .75" MDF. It will be sitting on a wood laminate floor (1/4") laid on concrete slab with vinyl vapor barrier. Finished sub will weigh in excess of 500 lbs.
    Is this OK? Or does it reeeeeeally need feet to couple correctly? I have some that will work, but cosmetically, it will be nicer if it sits flat. I would also be placing a thin sheet (1/16) of rubber or something under the plate to prevent damage to the floor (other than the buckling from the weight).
    Thoughts/laughter welcome.
  2. Robin Smith

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    Sep 27, 2000
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    As I understand it, part of the point of feet is to ensure a stable subwoofer that won't vibrate, or worse wobble, while in use.
    Instead of covering the entire bottom with the rubber sheet you mentioned, why not cut out only three 2-inch squares and arrange them in a triangular fashion on the aluminum base. This would be the point of contact for your sub (unless your floor is very warped) and should minimize/eliminate wobble. You may need to use rubber that is thicker than 1/16th if the floor is not nice and flat.
    A tripod is the most stable way to stand anything up as it inherently cannot wobble.
    Good luck
    Robin Smith

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