Subs, crossovers, and center channels

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    I am planning on buying one of the new SVS PC+ subs (probably the 16-46). I am also looking into purchasing a pre/pro (probably the outlaw 950 but trying to decide if the rotel would work better for me). My question is regarding crossovers which I know little about because I currently have no dedicated sub and only Definitive Technology BP 2002 towers with built in powered subs. First, I know that low bass sounds are supposedly hard to localize where the sound is coming from, hence the ability to place the sub anywhere in the room...but what frequency does this trend start at? How will I set the crossovers when listening to music and will any sound be handled by my sub at that time or will it all be through the mains? Finally, I am trying to decide what center speaker to purchase, I have the option to get one with built in powered sub or without. If I am diverting all low frequency sound to my SVS sub, is there any benefit to having a built in sub in my center channel? It seems to me like any frequency’s the center would need the sub for would be going to the SVS anyway. Thanks for any help or insight into this new (to me) phenomenon of dealing with subs and crossovers.

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    First, Aaron, welcome to the Forum!

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