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Feb 16, 2004
It is my sincere hope that this posting will serve as a reference for members who are justifiably, apprehensive about making the purchase of a Public Domain title from a budget, independent, etc. DVD production company.

Please list the title, company and, if you wish, how much you paid for your public domain DVD. We should have some sort of a basic rating system that I would like to submit but do not be afraid to elaborate and even be humorous in your review. Also do not be afraid to debate (nicely) another members assessment if you feel they are way of base.

My rating system:

***** - WOW this is a great deal go by it NOW!!!!
**** - Pleasantly surprised but we still hope for a better transfer.
*** - Only my love for this movie keeps me watching this DVD (tracking issues and muffled sound etc.).
** - To call this watchable is stretch but what cha gonna do (BAD TRACKING, Distracting AUDIO HISS).
* - Do not buy this title, there should be a law against it. (Digital artifacts, Inaudible sound, Jitters that make you dizzy).

Here are my submissions:

My Favorite Brunette (Bob Hope and Dorthy Lamour) - Madacy Entertainment.

*** - The sound distorts easily the print is fairly clean compared to other PD releases and the jitters are not too bad.

The Made Me A Criminal (John Garfield and Leo Gorcey) - Front Row (advertises "digitally remastered superior pictrue and sound quality" on back of box LOL)

*** - No mosaics but very pixalated in some scenes sound is good and does not distort much.

Santa And The Three Bears - Laser Light

* - Bad mosaics and muffled soundtrack appears out of frame at times. I was really surprised at Laser Light for this one. This cartoon is a special childhood memory for many and you would think they would spend a little more time on it. It may be that they used the lowest bit rate possible in order to burn them faster?

OK have at it everybody and thank you in advance for your reviews.


Stunt Coordinator
Feb 16, 2004

Nevermind, Mods please delete this post as I moved it into the existing one.

(when will I ever learn to search first)

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