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    I am getting ready to wire my surrounds, and even though I do not yet own a sub, I want to go ahead and run the wire for it at the same time. I plan on purchasing a powered sub, possibly one of the the SVS PCi or PC-Plus when they come out.

    When I contacted my local Audio Dealer, he recommended that I use RG6 Coaxial cable with RCA ends. Has anyone heard of using this type of cable for this purpose? I need about 50 feet of cable (as I am going up one wall, through the attic and down another one). If this is not the thing to do, what type of cable should I be using? Thanks.
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    It has been mentioned a lot in the DIY forum. I plan on using it in the theater room of my new house.
    You can either attach RCA plugs directly on the cable or use the standard F-connectors and RCA to F adapters. Use a wall plate made for a coax connection and use this adapter.

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