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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by jackNi, Aug 10, 2006.

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    In the past I had a bose, so I thought that the sub wires are the same as regular speaker wires. I bought a new construction house so I had the builer to run the wires behind the wall.
    Yesterday I have received my sub. But as you all experienced users know, the cable for the sub is like the component cable. Can I use my regular 16 ga wire that I have already laid behind the wall?
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    The best way to connect most subwoofers is by a 75 ohm cable i.e. composite or sub cables. Component is the green, blue, red, cables used to connect quality video.

    The subwoofer likely has high level inputs signified by a set of speaker terminals. This will work, but will not sound as good as the subwoofer cable.
    The reason why? the subwoofer output on the receiver or processor has the ability to give the subwoofer a discrete LFE channel. Using a speaker wire connected to you front outputs only gives it some of the required information.

    I suppose if you really can't change the wire, you could buy some RCA jack end pieces (male) from radioshack and make your own sub cable from the existing wire in the wall. You may want to use a soldering tool to make the connections. the center part of the RCA plug is the positive and the outer part is the negitive.

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