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    Feb 1, 2001
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    What if any is the difference between Digital Coax Line and 12ga. speakerwire for hooking up to powered Sub. I have about a twenty foot run to my new SVS 25-31PCi. I don't want to impede the signal or degrade it
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    The rule is:

    - Use Coax cable for line-level, un-amplified signals to a self-powered sub.

    - Use Speaker wires to send AMPLIFIED/speaker-level signals to a sub.

    In general, running a coaxial cable to the sub is the prefered way.

    You can make your own sub-cable by buying ordinary CATV coax with "F" connectors and buying some "F to RCA" adaptors from Radio Shack. (Yes, this is endorced by SVS Subwoofers). This can give you a 25 foot cable to play with for under $12.

    Once you pick the final placement for your sub, then you can buy a better-looking cable from one of the custom sites. Or SVS was selling a nicer cable for a discount price. Once you know your length, drop them an email and see if you can still get the nice price.

    Good Luck.

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