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    I just bought my first HT system (i apologize if this shoud be in the bascis area, this is first post!):
    jbl n center II
    n26 fronts
    n24 surrounds
    sony sa-wm40 sub
    pioneer 811 reciever

    for the most part it sounds great too me, but i feel like im missing something with my sub. It seems that ultra low sounds seem to revberate- and i maybe misuseing that term there- through the room and dominate the somewhat higher bass sounds that my sub should be puting out as well. I am looking for any suggestion on what i should/ could do to fix this. i.e changing the cutoff frequency- which is on 120 right now, or the crossover frequency on the reciever, i belive 150 right now. also, because i am somewhat apprehensive about putting any of the settings to far to the extreme what are the potential implications of having the cutoff frequency set all the way up at 170, etc if any? one last thing, it does occur to me that maybe i dont know for sure what i should be looking for in my sub sound, i havent bought the spl meter or calibration disk yet as i pretty much maxed my money out for now purchasing the system, but a suggestion on what i should really be listening for in the sub sound ( I bought LOTR extended and will be watching tonight as my first real demo)to know im getting the most out of it?
    thanks for you help
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    I do think you need one of the calibration disks & SPL meter because 1st you want equal volume from each speaker including the sub.

    Also, I have read on these forums that you might want to place the sub in the listening position and take SPL readings around the room to see how the volume changes.

    Cutoff for DD is 80 Hz, but if your speakers don't go that low you'll need to experiment.

    In addition, get AVI's How To: Design, build and Calibrate Your Own Home Theater. There is a good section on speaker position based on room dimensions.

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