Sub/Sat System: Boston Acoustics or Cambridge Soundworks

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    I am currently in the market for a speaker upgrade because I just moved. I Have a Yamaha RX-V590 receiver and wanted to buy all 5 surround speakers with a powered sub. I've been looking at the Boston Acoustics System9000 package and the Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble package with the Centerstage and Powered Sub. The System9000, which usually is in the $1,000 range has been discontinued and is on sale now at Tweeter for $588. The Ensemble package comes to about $950. Which system should I buy? I have listened to both on Yamaha receivers and I'm happy with the sound of each system, but what would be a better buy? Obviously the System9000 is a good deal at $588. I know relatively little about each so I could really use some advice. Also, if there is a Sub/Sat surround system that is better in the $700-$900 range than either of these, could you let me know?
    Thanks in advance,
    Jason Mathews
  2. John Garcia

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    I was not impressed with the Cambridge offerings. Other than their Newton series, their lower line of gear is not worth it IMO. They are not too much different from BOSE, in that, many of their speakers are single driver, full range. The ones that do have tweeters, are polycarbonate. You have to start spending some decent money with them just to get a speaker with a decent tweeter.
    The Newton series, on the other hand, are quite good. The two subs are just incredible.
    If you like them both about the same, I would go for the Bostons.
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  3. Rich Malloy

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    I gotta say, for the price, that CS Centerstage speaker is quite nice (and not a single driver speaker like John's referring to). You can get refurbs on Ebay from (which is CS's official reseller) for as low as $149 (maybe lower). I would definitely give it a listen.
    Not as crazy about their sub/sats, though I do think they're a step or two above the Bose systems I've heard - and of course they do have three drivers. Again, if you're looking at CSW, you might want to consider pairing a Centerstage with some refurb Tower II's - I bet you could get a pair from off of Ebay for about $400. And those refurb, ebay sales also come with CS 10-year warranties and I think they also give you that one-year trade-in thing (where you get full-credit for what you paid in an upgrade... maybe you can step up to the Newtons!).
    Good luck.
  4. Glenn Baumann

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    Mar 31, 1999
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    Check out this hot little setup! The (5) speaker set exhibits a very accurate, warm, neutral sound and the sub is also accurate and musical. All is like new and terrific sounding for just $650.00! You should seriously consider this setup, just ask around about Atlantic Technology and M&K's products. Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions.The link is:
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  5. Mike Burke

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    Mar 12, 2001
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    I have owned CSW's since 1994 and can say nothing but good things for them. FOR THE $$$ they are a strong candidate! I own the Ensemble II's and Centerstage. I agree with the other member that the Centerstage is an EXCELLENT center channel speaker for the $$$. I would consider this set up:
    MAINS: M-80 3 Way Bookshelf $450.00
    CENTER: Centerstage $150.00
    REARS: S300 Newton Surrounds $400.00
    There is your $1000.00 budget.
    Those little M-80's rock!!! I am giving ALOT of thought to using them myself with T500's as mains.
    Just my .02 cents!

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