Sub Position? Okay near tower speakers?

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    Hi All,
    Due to wife and room layout issues (not to mention wiring issues), I'm trying to find a good place for the subwoofer in my HT setup. Below is a graphic that depicts what will go where, along with 3 boxes for where the subwoofer could go:
    Position 1 is ideal for me, but it's right next to the Klipsch tower - is that bad?
    Position 2 would be okay, but the wife doesn't like the idea of blocking off the bookshelves.
    Position 3 would be good, but I'd have to run speaker wire all along the floor [​IMG]
    So I guess my question is, is Position 1 okay? Will it interfere with the tower or vice versa? The sub will either be a SVS 25-31 PCi or Hsu VTF-2.
    Also, would the sub interfere with the TV if it was placed right next to the TV? Thanks in advance,
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    An easy and effective test to find the best place (sonically) for your subwoofer:

    1. Place the sub in the listening position.

    2. Play some music with a very heavy bass beat that really gets the sub working.

    3. Turn off all other speakers and simply listen to the sub - crank the level a bit if you have to.

    4. Walk around the room and note how the bass response changes. In some places it will be too boomy, in other places it will almost seem non-existant. The magic spot is somewhere in the middle - where it sounds deep and clean, but not boomy. Wherever it sounds good is where you should place the sub.

    In your situation, you've narrowed the positioning down due to cosmetic factors. So, simply perform the same experiment, but listen in only the potential places for the sub - wherever it sounds best is where it should go.

    There is no hard and fast rule for sub placement. All rooms are different and your room's acoustics will affect the sub's performance greatly. This method is a quick way to determine the best position.

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    A popular position is called "corner-loading". This puts the sub in a corner so it has 2 long walls to reflect from. Your position #1 looks good for this, but I'm not sure what that doorway is going to do. So you just have to try it and decide for yourself.

    (That upper-right corner looks better to me by the way).

    Got to Radio Shack and get a 25' run of CATV coax with the "F" connectors built in. Also get 2 "F-to-RCA Male" adaptors. This should give you a very long subwoofer cable for about $12 to play with. Just run it across the room while playing with sub positions. When you decide the final resting place, you can cut the cable to fit or order a custom cable.

    Good Luck.

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